Parade Route

Additional Information

The parade starts promptly at 5 PM from the corner of Main Street North and Sproule Drive. It takes the front of the parade approximately 1.5 hours to make their way along Main Street North to it's conclusion at Elgin Drive. Please be aware there are road closures in place prior to the start of the parade, so best to arrive early and try not to drive along Main Street North. 

Anywhere along the route will give you a good view of the parade. Some areas of the parade tend to be busier than others. The top of the route (Main Street North, from Sproule Drive to Queen Street); and the end of the route (Main Street at Elgin Drive) normally have the largest concentration of spectators. For optimal viewing of our night-time Parade, the best place to watch is where there is the least amount of lighting. From Gage Park to Clarence Street tends to be less crowded and offers an excellent vantage point from which to enjoy the lights of the parade. 

Road Closures

Be reminded that there will be NO STREET PARKING allowed from 2PM between Queen and Theatre Lane on Main St and 3:30PM on the remainder of Main St between Sproule and Charolais until the end of the cleanup after the parade in order to facilitate the flow of the parade – this will be strictly enforced. 

Please refer to the attached PDF file, detailing all the road closures.

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