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We've referenced many of the common questions we receive to help you better enjoy the parade. However, if you have a question that isn't answered below please send your inquiry  and we'll respond as quickly as possible. We may even include your question to our FAQs page below to help others with a similar inquiry.

Q: When does the parade start and how early should I arrive to watch the parade? 

A: The parade starts promptly at 5 PM from the corner of Main Street North and Sproule Drive. It takes the front of the parade approximately 1.5 hours to make their way along Main Street North to it's conclusion at Elgin Drive. Please be aware there are road closures in place prior to the start of the parade, so best to arrive early and try not to drive along Main Street North. 

Q: Does the parade run rain or shine?

A: Yes! Santa will arrive regardless of rain, snow or sleet. So please dress appropriately.  When the sun goes down it can get much more chilly then when you first arrive.

Q: Where is the best place along the route to watch the parade? 

A: Anywhere along the route will give you a good view of the parade. Some areas of the parade tend to be busier than others. The top of the route (Main Street North, from Sproule Drive to Queen Street); and the end of the route (Main Street at Elgin Drive) normally have the largest concentration of spectators. For optimal viewing of our night-time Parade, the best place to watch is where there is the least amount of lighting. From Gage Park to Clarence Street tends to be less crowded and offers an excellent vantage point from which to enjoy the lights of the parade.

Q: Where can I park near the parade route? 

A: There are several options for parking around the parade route. The best place for you will be determined by where you choose to watch the parade. In the downtown area, underground parking is available at City Hall and at the Rose Theatre. There are also parking lots on George Street (West of Main Street, just north of Queen Street West) and on Diplock Lane (off of George Street). Should you plan to view the parade at the south end near Nanwood Drive or Elgin Drive, there are malls in the area, but please be advised that parking is at your own risk and access to/from the lot may be affected by road closures.

Q: Is the parade televised? 

A: No, but we plan to broadcast the parade on our social channels (Facebook). More details will be shared as the parade day gets closer.

Q: Should I bring my letter for Santa?

A: Yes, all letters are picked up just before Santa arrives. Keep your eyes open for Santa's letter carriers, who pick up the letters on Santa’s behalf.

Q: How can I volunteer? 

A: The Brampton Santa Claus Parade relies on the many volunteers who assist each year. Click here to find out more.

Q: Are the vendors seen along the parade route associated with the parade? 

A: No!  Vendors should not be selling items along Main Street North after 4:30 PM on parade day. Please be advised that any vendor selling items along the parade route are not associated with the parade.  Any transactions you complete with these vendors are done so at your own risk.

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