Brampton Has The Best Volunteers!

VolunteerBehind the scenes, there have been countless unsung heroes volunteering their time to ensure every parade was enjoyed by our community. No matter the conditions, the smiles of our volunteers reflect their attitude and dedication. For all those that have played a role since 1985;
(And look forward to seeing you again this year)


Interested In Joining Our Team?

Our volunteers start early on Parade day (as early as 10am) and continue on until the Santa has waved to the last spectator. Brampton couldn't have this great parade without each and every smiling volunteer. If you'd like to join our team of energetic volunteers please send us an email; and be sure to include:
~ Your name
~ What phone # we can contact you at
~ Share why you're excited to participate in the parade

We will reach out to volunteer requests on a first-come/first-serve basis. We thank everyone for their interest to contribute towards another great Brampton event.


Community Sponsors


Please support our community sponsors. Their generous contributions create the foundation for a wonderful parade each year.

Interested in becoming a valued partner, please contact us @ 905.451.1122.